Marching Together For Miracles

March 28, 2012 by Asha

When life deals you a hand that seems impossible, there are some that fold and others who stand up and face the challenge head on. The March of Dimes is standing up once again in 2012 to take on the issue of premature births in our country and across the globe.

The March of Dimes is a nation-wide family of advocates who believe passionately in the possibilities the future holds for all babies and families alike. With outreach programs that extend into local communities; the program is raising funds to support expecting mothers, families and research to end premature births.

In what has become a staggering epidemic, more than half a million babies are more premature each year. The emotional, physical and financial toll that these events result in is something that you can help fight against. Each and every child has something to offer in this world. Why not take the time now to offer a helping hand in giving babies a healthy and full-term start to life?

This year families, businesses, community groups and individuals will take to the streets to march in support of our babies. Outreach walks will take place in a variety of cities and when it comes to helping, there is something for everyone to contribute. The March of Dimes staff is always on hand to assist those wanting to establish support groups get started. Information on becoming a team leader and starting a walk in your community can be found at:

What began as a government effort spearheaded by FDR in 1938 to end Polio is now a full-fledged support system for children, mothers, and families across the globe. Whether you are supporting your own family, or showing love for friends and others who are struggling with prematurity, The March of Dimes has a variety of options for getting the word out and contributing to the cause. Find links to Facebook apps, logos and banners at:

When babies are born too early, families must learn to cope with fears, hopes and sometimes losses they never fathomed they would. With amazing strength, these same families are taking a stand and taking time to share their inspiring stories. Read about the courageous efforts being made by families that give us all hope at:

2012 is the year that you can give something of yourself to help a child thrive throughout their entire life. Through simple donations, participating in or organizing walks, ortaking a small moment to help spread the word; you have the ability to make life-altering changes for babies everywhere. Let’s stand up and march for miracles! To learn more visit:


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