Faces of Hope


I am so excited to introduce you to a few of the darling babies from God’s Littlest Angels Ministry in Haiti. The following collection includes before and after pictures of these precious children. See with your own eyes how much these babies benefit from the quality medical equipment and care they┬áreceive at the orphanage. I hope these pictures will inspire you to fight for these babies and their health, because they are truly priceless.

Meet Sarah

Meet Clercineau

Meet Dominique

Meet Jameil

Meet Gedeleine



  1. Tammy Miller says:

    Wow, what beautiful babies. So tiny, then so healthy. Wonderful news.

  2. Sam Mather says:

    It is truly a miracle to see the transformation of these precious little lives! Growing into healthy, thriving children if they are only given the opportunity…God Bless this work!!!

  3. Is there a way we might can partner? I like what you are doing and how you are doing it. Very inspiring and hope filled much like our ministry. I’m thinking about donating a small amount on behalf of Preemie Prints. I’m just wondering if you might could add us in some way as a partner or can think of ways we might be able to work together… Either way! God bless your efforts and your beautiful project.

    ~Amber @ Preemie Prints

  4. Jane Blannin-Bruleigh says:

    It is so inspiring to look at these pictures. one of the little angels was a toddler I volunteered with during my time at GLA. Reading about how they have so many tiny ones in the NICU right now that they are having to take turns in the incubators, just points out how HUGE the need is for another warming bed!!! Bless you for this awesome project!!!

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